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Rankings Information
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International Submission Only Federation Rankings


The ISOF Ranking structure is formulated to encourage all jiujitsu competitors to seek the submission and to be rewarded for winning by submission. In the effort to expand submission only jiujitsu ranking points are also rewarded for the participation in a Submission Only event.


Rankings are available for all age levels and all skill levels. For Athletes to be ranked they simply must maintain an active ISOF Account. Ranking points are awarded based on the Athletes active Belt Rank and not based on the skill level they competed at. Example: A blue belt competing in the purple belt division is still awarded blue belt level points, this is to encourage competitors to compete at their respective skill levels.


Ranking points will be awarded to competitors who also participate in points styled tournaments but win via Submission. All jiujitsu competitors should have a platform for being rewarded for their submission finishes regardless of competition style available to them. 


All active full member (Students and Instructors) accounts are ranked through the ISOF. All active Event Promoter accounts will have access to our Ranking's Area where they can input their event results that will give rankings to their competitors based on Submission wins and participation and support of Submission Only Events. 


Any event can submit their tournament results for rankings by simply creating a promoter level account. Click Here for more Details. 


The Points listed are given directly to the competitors and to their respected Affiliation rankings. Affiliation points may be only rewarded once per Medaled Bracket (either 1st,2nd,3rd) and will be that of the highest placing representative.  


Points are only awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place finishers in a bracket. 




Points are awarded for specific age divisions that are won:

·      Youth Divisions worth 1 Point

·      Teen Divisions worth 1 point

·      Adult Division worth 3 Points

·      Masters, Directors, and Seniors worth 2 points


Points are awarded to competitors based on how they finish the match in their brackets:

·      Submission Win is worth 5 points

·      Points win is worth 0

·      Overtime / Decision / or Close out worth 1 point


Points are awarded for medal placement in an event that is submission only or points tournament.

  • 3rd Place - 1 point
  • 2nd Place - 3 points
  • 1st place - 6 points 

Points are awarded based on the competitors skill level:


Youth and Teen Skill Level

·      Novice/White 0 point

·      Beginner/Grey 1 points

·      Intermediate/Yellow 2 points

·      Advanced/Orange – Green 3 points


Adult Skill levels

·      White Belt – 2 points

·      Blue Belt – 4 points

·      Purple Belt – 7 points

·      Brown Belt – 10 points

·      Black Belt – 15 points


BONUS Points - 3 points 

Awarded to all Placing competitors who win in a Submission Only Style Competition (An award for helping grow the sub only movement )



Pro Event Level Points. (Cash Prize Events)


Points are awarded based on the cash prize amount minus the last number of the value if a submission win is obtained. Cash prizes for points events are except from receiving pro points. For example

cash prize = $100.00 Points value = 10 points

cash prize = $1000.00 Points value = 100 points


Matches won via Overtime receive half the points value. A match resulting in a draw results in no cash points being awarded. 


The ISOF Rankings structure last updated Feb 23rd 2018. 









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